Module Contents#

class relevanceai.operations_new.scaling.models.base.ScalerModelBase#

Helper class that provides a standard way to create an ABC using inheritance.

model_name :str#
alias :Union[str, None]#
static import_from_string(name)#

It takes a string, splits it on the period, and then imports the module


name – The name of the class to import.

Return type

The module object.

vector_name(self, field: str) str#

If the alias is a string, then return the alias if it contains the string “_vector_”, otherwise return the alias with “_vector_” appended to it.

If the alias is not a string, then return “concat_model_name_vector_” if there are more than one fields, otherwise return “field_model_name_vector_


fields (List[str]) – List[str]

Return type

The name of the vector.

abstract fit(self, *args, **kwargs) None#
abstract fit_transform(self, *args, **kwargs) Any#