A Collection of Image Tools For Relevance AI Utilies.

You can use as such:

from relevanceai.data_tools.base_image_processing import ImageTools
# Now you want to READ it
tools = ImageTools()
arr =

Module Contents#

class relevanceai.operations.preprocessing.image.base_image_processing.ImageTools#
read(self, image)#

An method to read images (converting them into NumPy arrays) :param image: An image link/bytes/io Bytesio data format. :param as_gray: read in the image as black and white

static process_image(b)#
is_greyscale(self, img_path: str)#

Determine if an image is grayscale or not

to_grayscale(self, sample, rgb_weights: list = None)#

Converting an image from RGB to Grayscale

property rgb_weights(self)#

Get RGB weights for grayscaling.

show_image(self, sample, cmap=None, is_grayscale=True)#

Show an image once it is read. Arg:

sample: Image that is read (numpy array)

image_resize(self, image_array, width=0, height=0, rescale=0, resize_mode='symmetric')#