Module Contents#

class relevanceai.dataset.apps.manage_apps.ManageApps(*args, **kw)#

Set of core functions used to do CRUD on deployables/apps. Config = Universal config in Relevance AI for apps Config Input = The input to the SDK’s create_app_config

list_apps(self, return_config: bool = False)#
create_app(self, config: Dict, verbose: bool = True)#
update_app(self, deployable_id: str, config: Dict, overwrite: bool = False, verbose: bool = True)#
delete_app(self, deployable_id: str)#
get_app(self, deployable_id: str)#
get_app_ids_by_name(self, name: str)#
create_app_config(self, name: str = 'App', default_view: str = 'charts', preview_fields: List[str] = None, facets: List[str] = None, search_fields: List[str] = None, vector_search_fields: List[str] = None, search_min_relevance: float = None, sort: Union[List[str], List[dict]] = None, sort_default: str = None, sort_default_direction: str = None, charts: Union[List[str], List[dict]] = None, cluster_alias: str = None, cluster_vector_field: str = None, cluster_charts: Union[List[str], List[dict]] = None, charts_view_column: int = 2, preview_centroids_page_size: int = 2, **kwargs)#

This is an easy wrapper for creating explorer app