Module Contents#

class relevanceai.constants.warning.Warning#
MODEL_NOT_SUPPORTED = Model not directly supported. Will try to infer.#
CENTROID_VECTORS = Multiline-String#
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1Centroid vectors are a list. Assuming they are in the order of the cluster labels.
3        To specify which vectors mapped to which label, place in the format of
5        {cluster_label: centroid_vector}.
CLUSTER_LABEL_NOT_IN_CENTROIDS = cluster label not detected in centroid vectors#
LATEST_VERSION = Multiline-String#
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1We noticed you don't have the latest version!
2        We recommend updating to the latest version ({latest_version}) to get all bug fixes and newest features!
3        You can do this by running pip install -U relevanceai.
4        Changelog: {changelog_url}.
NO_DOCUMENT_DETECTED = No document is detected#
AUTO_GENERATE_IDS = We will be auto-generating IDs since no id field is detected#
COLUMN_DNE = The specified column {} does not exist.#
UPLOAD_FAILED = Failed to upload.#
FIELD_MISMATCH = {} does not match {}.#
NCLUSTERS_GREATER_THAN_NDOCS = You seem to have more clusters than documents. We recommend reducing the number of clusters.#
MISSING_RELEVANCE_NOTEBOOK = Displaying using pandas. To get image functionality please install RelevanceAI[notebook].#
INDEX_STRING = Integer selection of dataframe is not stable at the moment. Please use a string ID if possible...#
MISSING_PACKAGE = You are missing a package.#
DEFAULT_MODEL = No model selected, defaulting to sklearn implementation of KMeans with 10 clusters#
MISSING_ALIAS = No alias is provided. Auto-generating one for you - `{alias}`.#