Configuration Settings

Module Contents#

class relevanceai.constants.config.Config(config_path)#

Set and change configuration settings

  • Retries - Set the behaviour of retries for failed responses from the API
    • number_of_retries - Number of retries to attempt

    • seconds_between_retries - Seconds to wait between retries

  • Logging - Set the behaviour of logging
    • enable_logging - Whether to log

    • log_to_file - Whether to log to file

    • log_file_name - The name of the file to log to, if logging to file

    • logging_level - Minimum level to log

  • Upload - Set the behaviour of uploads to RelevanceAI
    • target_chunk_mb - Maximum upload size per request

  • API - Set the behaviour of API requests
    • base_url - The base url to access

    • output_format - The format of API responses

  • Dashboard - URLS to various things

property options(self)#

View all current config settings

get_option(self, option)#

View current config settings


option (string) – Setting key

set_option(self, option, value)#

Change a config settings

  • option (string) – Setting key

  • value (string) – New setting


Reset config to default